Hair dressers and Chemists have been advising clients for a long time to combine any Placenta, Bay-rum tonic and Bergamot for hair loss and sculpt treatments.

The problem with this is that the ingredients do not mix; Bergamot is an essential oil and just lines the inside of the bottle. It is impossible for the Bergamot to stay suspended when normally mixed with the Placenta and won’t have the right effect, even when shaken.

In January 2000 we started with intense research, tests and different combinations and 4 years later, we believed we had found the perfect formulation for PLACENTA B & B. It has been developed for the treatment of scalp and hair disorders, resulting in better blood circulation and the re-growth of hair.  It can also be used on healthy hair for faster growth. When the product was launched in 2004 as an exclusive hair salon product we soon had many wonderful compliments and testimonials about our product that we expanded with PLACENTA PLUS into Pharmacies, Health Shops and Hair Loss Clinics etc. in November 2007. Our product is well known in the hairdressing trade, and we are supplying more than 350 pharmacies with Placenta Plus. The Bergamot and other ingredients are solubilized, and suspended in the Placenta Plus and Placenta B & B.


Our product, Placenta B & B and Placenta Plus, is nothing new. The combination of Placenta, Bay tonic and Bergamot has been used for many years to combat a wide range of scalp disorders. Placenta Plus & Placenta B & B is high in Vegetable Protein, Amino acid and Essential oils. Placenta B & B and Placenta Plus is not only used for hair loss and scalp problems, it is also used to improve the condition and growth of healthy hair.